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About The Monday Morning Group

The Monday Morning Group

"Monday Morning Group" is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. We operate within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Monday Morning Group's purpose is twofold:

I. To promote the social, economic, industrial and agricultural welfare of riverside County, California; and,

II. To engage in any other charitable, educational or recreational activity in the furtherance of the purposes for which this Corporation is formed..."


The citizens of most cities and counties have only a limited means of coping with a wide range of infrastructure and standard of living issues. Any region that wants to reach the elusive, subjective pinnacle of a “high standard of living” must build a solid foundation on “level” ground. Such a foundation is only possible when a region has attempted to influence social, economic, and environmental problems in some cohesive fashion. Usually, local government has multiple objectives and limited resources, and vital concerns get incremental, if any, attention. Unfortunately, individual citizens are also limited to incremental changes, even those who hold great influence or economic influence. Policy-makers at the state and federal level are besieged by single-issue groups who have valid claims, but are unable to provide a balanced view of their region. As a result, both public and private policy can become a series of twin towers, quick to tumble and slow to rebuild.