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Dedicated to Improving Economic Opportunity and Quality of Life
in Western Riverside County

2011 MMG Actions

MMG commends the California Citizens

Redistricting Commission’s proposed districts

for Riverside County
Given the numerous challenges in aligning the requirements of population, the Voters Rights Act and

the many other various communities of interest for each and every region across the state, we want to reinforce our support for the districts the Commission is proposing for Riverside County.


MMG urges Governor Brown to prioritize ongoing state funding for UCR’s new medical

The establishment and success of UCR’s Medical School are critical to improving the future of healthcare across the state. Closer to home it will resolve our region’s shortage of physicians, improve the health of our region’s population, and create significant ongoing healthcare-related jobs in a region with nearly 14% unemployment..


MMG challenges Inland Empire’s caucus to deliver state funding for UCR’s new medical

Now is the time to put aside politics, and act together to quickly deliver a fiscally sound State budget that cuts wasteful spending, ensures adequate sources of revenue, delivers a framework for future economic stability and invests in California’s future by providing ongoing funding for the UCR Medical School.


MMG urges Secretary of Transportation to approve funding for the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project
Never has there been a moment so critical nor a project so defining to the future of Riverside County’s 2.3

million people than now with the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project (“91 Project”).


MMG urges Senators Feinstein and Boxer to support funding for the SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project
The 91 Project will shorten travel times, increase productivity, improve travel-time reliability and improve safety, all of which combine to improve the livability and quality of life for the residents of our community.
Advocacy Letter to Senator Boxer
Advocacy Letter to Senator Feinstein

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The Monday Morning Group recently held its annual reception dinner.