Current President

Our Mission Statement

A group of proven community leaders dedicated to the social and economic well being of Western Riverside County and its environs, through informed, collective, and individual influence and actions.

How We Work

In Western Riverside County Monday Morning Group has become a force for addressing the issues that mean most for improving the economic opportunity and the quality of life for the residents and citizens of this important and growing region.


What makes the Monday Morning unique? Over five decades the Monday Morning Group has grown from a modest collection of concerned community advocates to a formidable, well-balanced organization of tested influential business, civic and community leaders that have the rare ability to advocate changes for the greater Riverside region in a comprehensive fashion.


In contrast, the citizens of most cities and counties have only a limited means of coping with the wide range of infrastructure and quality of life issues impacting them. For example, local single-issue groups will typically press their valid claims and concerns with policy-makers at the state and federal level, but this approach does not provide the comprehensive view of their region’s concerns that policy-makers need to prioritize issues and make informed decisions. As a result, local issues start competing with one another and both public and private policy decision-making gets muddled a lack of clarity and lack of prioritization.  Well meaning efforts are diffused and no single issue rises to a level of importance where policy-makers will act.


Even advocacy at the local government level is a challenge. It too has its own multiple objectives that it is working to accomplish with limited resources. Vital concerns outside of a local government department’s agenda, particularly long-term issues like infrastructure and healthcare, get incremental, if any, attention. Unfortunately, individual citizens pressing for change at the local level have a limited voice when it comes to changing the local city council or county agenda; even those who hold great influence or economic influence.


Any region that strives to build strong economic opportunity and a high quality of life must build a solid foundation on “level” ground. Such a foundation is only possible when a region takes a balanced and cohesive approach to address and influence social, economic, and environmental problems with policy-makers.  That’s what makes Monday Morning Group different and that’s what makes Monday Morning Group effective.


Working largely from the private sector, the Monday Morning Group has built an essential advocacy structure of concerned citizens that is proactive, informed and effective – one that works and delivers results.